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therapeutic massage

($50 thirty minutes, $80 sixty minutes, $110 ninety minutes)

Customized massage treatments that address client's needs & session goals. Multiple techniques are combined to create a unique experience: deep tissue, Swedish, neuromuscular, trigger point, lomilomi, Thai yoga massage and more. Typical goals for this service are stress relief, relaxation and pain management.

Prenatal clients are welcome to book a session if they are after their first twelve weeks of pregnancy. The massage will be adapted to side lying position.

cupping massage

($80 sixty minutes, $110 ninety minutes)

Therapeutic massage treatment with the addition of cupping. Cups are suctioned onto broad muscle groups, such as the back and legs, to increase circulation. This modality is a fast, effective way to loosen very tense muscles.

reiki massage

($80 sixty minutes, $110 ninety minutes)

Relaxation massage treatment with reiki energy work infused throughout the session. This is an ideal treatment for stress relief and holistic wellbeing. 


($50 thirty minutes)

Reiki is a Japanese energy-work technique where the practitioner lays their hands on the client as a way of channeling "life force energy." This modality focuses on balancing the chakras (energy centers in the body that affect physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing), and improving the client's holistic healing ability.

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